Lex Executive

Lex Executive is the UK's first proofreading firm uniquely positioned to serve the professional services sector. Decades of experience in technical and legal copy-editing and writing make us fast and effective proofreaders of the most complex and important documents: from confidential contracts in corporate law, to widely disseminated white papers in public policy.

Lex Executive are in the business of impeccable proofreading, delivering clear copy and fault-free prose. In industries where lexical ambiguity and misplaced punctuation make the difference between passing and failing an audit (and between legally binding and void), you need the assurance of a professional proofreading firm to guarantee that you get it right the first time around. We catch all errata: from disambiguating jargon, to misspellings and typographical errors, to infelicities in grammar and punctuation. Let Lex Executive's professional document editing service take care of the small details so you can make the big things happen in your industry.

Please email editor@lexexecutive.com to start your project.